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The SpongeBob movie trailer is filled with great moments

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From the Vault: Destiny’s Child celebrating the success of their debut album as a trio on the set of Bootylicious.

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Taking some sneaky videos during rehearsal. Well… I didn’t really have to sneak.

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“Up until that fight, you wondered why. Why does she put herself in this position? Why does she stay? And then you see how vulnerable she is and how truly in love with her he is. I had to come in kind of angry with my mind made up and let my heart be changed by him in that moment, which is not the hardest thing in the world to do with Tony Goldwyn.”

- Kerry Washington on the Rose Garden scene in Scandal episode 2x08 Happy Birthday, Mr. President

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Anna and Elsa OUAT Sneak Peek.

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Another great group number. I thought this one better at showcasing the entire group than the first (which was really all about Tanisha.) I thought it had great style to it and all the dancers had high energy. Here is “Love Runs Out” choreographed by Travis Wall.

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